I would like to tell you a little about myself, Britt-Marie, and my life - the dogs. I have always loved animals, especially dogs, but earlier I was not interested in breeding or showing. Now these are my main hobby and way of life.

 When I was a child we had one of the first Kromfohrländers bred in Finland, Tusse Galant Of Roseloge. He was never shown - just a pet and very much loved by our family.

 The first dog I owned was a Bearded Collie. He was unfortunately very sensitive to all kind of noices, at the time I was living in the center of Helsinki, and I had to give him back to his breeder at the age of three years because he couldn´t handle all the noices in such a big town. After that disappointment I didn´t have a pet for a few years.

 I got my first Toller in 1988 and as she got very ill, she suffered from an autoimmune disorder, I had to have her put to sleep at the age of only one year. I was hearthbroken because I loved "Malena" very much, she was quite a character. In 1989 I got my second Toller, Golden-Fox Red Pamina. "Pamela" was a full, younger sister to Malena and was a very sound and healthy girl all her life. With Pamela I got interested in showing and we had a lot of wonderful moments together in the show ring. She loved to show! I got it pretty bad too… ;)

 To my deep sorrow Pamela passed away in August 2001, she is deepely missed and I will never forget all that she gave me as a companion for more than 12 years.

 I saw my first Pharaoh Hounds at a show in Helsinki in the late 80's. I stopped by the Pharaoh ring when I saw those wonderful dogs move and fell in love! I immeaditely decided I had to have one of those devine creatures in my home. Love at first sight… I asked around about the breed and met some Pharaohs and as the breed seemed suitable for me I reserved a puppy. My first Pharaoh Hound and the foundation for all Siphra's Ph's, Scheik's Orchid, moved in with us in 1992.

 The same year I bred my first Toller litter and registered my own kennel name, Siphra's.

 In 1993 I got my wonderful Canadian Toller import, Westerlea's Tornado at Siphra, and the year after that we moved to our own house in the countryside. In the summer of –94 my second Pharaoh Hound, Scheik's Quiff, came to live with us and the same year – only three months later - we were joined by the Whippet, Scheik's Royal Choice. Choice was co-owned by her breeder and had one litter, four beautiful males. I never bred her myself as I didn't feel I was that interested in breeding Whippets.

 In 2003 I was told about a very promising Greyhound litter in Sweden with a pedigree to die for. I have always been dreaming of having a Greyhound in my home and now the time felt right for a puppy so I went over to Sweden to check out this litter. Of course I met the puppy of my dreams.... Gulds Mystic Moonbeam, "Athena", moved to Finland in June 2003 . She is a joy to have in the house!

 For the moment I have got six dogs in the house. Mainly Pharaoh Hounds; two males, three females and one Greyhound. I do not have Tollers anymore.

 My dogs live with me as housepets, not in kennels, so you can imagine life doesn't get dull around here!

 We live "in the middle of nowhere" which of course is ideal for the dogs. We have two big fenced yards and plenty of woods all around with no main roads nearby. The dogs spend their days digging holes in the ground, chasing birds from three to tree, playing and chasing each other.

 I love dog shows, my dogs love them too, and we attend a lot of shows all around Scandinavia. As most of my Pharaohs are crazy about Lure-Coursing we attend field trials too.

 I started out breeding Tollers but as I got my first Pharaoh, Scheik's Orchid "Sabina", she stole my heart and I got hooked on the breed. I don´t breed Tollers anymore but the breed will always have a special place in my heart. Pharaoh Hounds are now my main interest.

 In October year 2008 my first Greyhound litter was born, lets see where that takes me - have no idea!;)

 I have always been interested in genetics and have, beside my degree as a nurse/midwife, also completed the basic course for breeders and the course for Breeding Consultant arranged by the Finnish Kennel Club.

 My aim is to breed dogs true to type and with the ability to function according to the original purpose of the breed. Temperament and soundness both in body and mind are more important to me than flashy looks because you live with the dog 24/7 but spend only a few minutes now and then in the showring.

 All my puppies are sold as housepets as I don´t think this is a breed suited for living in kennels. It is important to me that the puppy is offered a place as a beloved companion in the new home and that he/she will be a part of that family for life.

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